Carhire Manager Web is an innovative, cloud-based car hire system that may be used by car rental businesses of any size. The extensive suite of tools utilized by Carhire Manager Web, makes it possible to not only instantly streamline your operation and increase its efficiency, but also future proof your car rental business and enable you to grow in an increasingly technologically advanced and competitive market.

Back Office

This is the heart of the Carhire Manager Web suite and the main operating environment of its users. It gracefully combines an intuitive and one-of-a-kind UI with powerful functionality, covering all the needs of the car rental business of the 21st century, all while enabling administrators to have fine grain control over multiple application settings and user permissions.

Fleet Management

  • Use the fully interactive fleet chart to visualize and manage your reservations. Drag and drop unallocated reservations on the editable timeline or use the automated allocation tool, designed to optimize the allocation process
  • Receive alerts for expiring insurances and MOTs, vehicle inspections, vehicle maintenance and much more
  • Stay organized by splitting your vehicles into fleets, groups, and assign them to different operations
  • Create service cards, send work orders to your vendors, keep track of your fleet’s service history, and verify invoices
  • Gain control over your equipment by using the fully interactive equipment chart. See how your equipment is being used and allocate it to your reservations

Daily Operations

  • Quickly make quotations and reservations
  • Easily create agreements and extensions
  • Manage vehicle transfers and replacements
  • Manage your long-term leasing operation and your sub-rentals
  • Register clients and use infrastructure for automated driver’s license processing

Rate System

  • Use the sophisticated rate system to manage multiple rates
  • Utilize the built-in yield management tool to maximize revenue by automatically increasing and decreasing prices based on your fleet occupancy
  • Easily incorporate flexible rates and discounts in your pricing model
  • Assign rates to different agents, stations, and vehicle groups
  • Export and import rates to and from Microsoft Excel

Financial Analysis

  • Track your daily transactions with the Cashbook module
  • Analyze and keep track of agents’ commissions
  • Automatically generate invoices for your clients and your partners
  • Perform in-depth revenue analysis
  • Set goals and monitor the performance of your agents
  • Analyze the ROI of your fleet’s vehicles

Availability Status

  • Use the Day’s Monitoring tool to check the daily delivery and collection status of your fleet
  • Manage your fleet with the monthly and daily availability tools. Instantly view and track the availability of specific groups of vehicles and view the timeline for pending collections, deliveries, agreements, and reservations

Management Tools

  • Use the management dashboard to view and analyze the current state of your business. See the live breakdown of your reservations, finances, fleet status, and much more all in one place
  • View the leasing dashboard to view an in-depth breakdown of your long-term leasing operation

Workshop & Store Stock Control

  • This module was built for car hire companies that operate their own workshops and spare part inventories
  • Manage your store items, record vendor orders and returns, allocate parts to service cards and gain control over your inventories
  • Generate reports to analyze how your workshops use parts


  • Generate comprehensive and professional looking reports using our powerful reporting tools
  • Choose any report from an extensive library of over 200 insightful reports
  • Optionally, export the reports in PDF or Excel format


  • Use our forecasting tools to estimate the number of future bookings, based on various, sophisticated statistical techniques
  • Forecast the daily reservations for the month based on the estimated number of bookings, the average booking flow and distribution model of previous months or past years

Administration Tools

  • Customize your system by choosing from hundreds of application options, issue tickets for maintenance, manage users and execute Ad Hoc SQL queries in our built-in SQL editor
  • Organize your users into groups with different levels of access privileges

User Interface

  • Maximize user experience with our unique Windows-like UI
  • Keep multiple windows open with drag, minimize, and maximize functionality
  • Personalize your desktop by pinning your favorite shortcuts, choose your wallpaper, and save your preferences
  • Quickly find what you need by using the powerful quick-search bar

Integrated Website

Announce and establish your online presence with an integrated website. Without any additional cost, you will receive a fully customizable website that will enable your car rental business to receive online reservations from clients around the world.

Fully integrated

  • The website is fully integrated with Carhire Manager Web, so customers get instant car hire availability and quotations
  • New reservations are inserted directly into your Back Office
  • Rate adjustments are instantly reflected on the website, allowing you to stay ahead of the competition

Fully customizable

  • You can customize the look and feel of every page, and even add new pages directly from your Back Office using the built-in HTML editor
  • Adjust language settings, choose the default currency, and choose from a variety of payment options

Modern Online experience

  • Users can create an account, update their details, manage their bookings and take advantage of the express check out feature
  • The user can choose any of the supported languages. The layout engine now also fully supports right-to-left languages
  • The mobile responsive layout makes it easy for users to navigate the website and complete bookings from their mobile device


  • With Iframes, you have to ability to feature your website’s booking engine on a third-party website and receive new reservations
  • Automatically generate the required snippet of code and distribute it to your partners with the click of a button

Payment Gateways

  • The integrated website is interfaced with multiple payment gateways, giving you the ability to take online payments
  • Currently, Carhire Manager Web integrated website is interfaced with the following: Braintree, Saferpay by Six Payment Systems, GHL Payments, Stripe, Paypal, JCC, Tap Payments
  • Choose your preferred payment gateway from your Back Office

Create long-lasting relationships

  • Users have the option to sign up to the application’s newsletter system to receive news and offers
  • The feedback and evaluation module allows car hire companies to take suggestions directly from their clients and use build a better customer experience


Carhire Manager Web enables you to connect with partners, collaborators, car hire brokers, and other online platforms quickly and effortlessly by using the readily available interfaces, built according to OpenTravel Alliance standards. By using the latest technologies available, we help car rental companies tap into the global, online market.

Connect with the outside world

  • Provide collaborators with real-time availability and rates for a specific time period
  • Automatically receive reservations, updates, and cancellations
  • Communicate information such as your locations, vehicle groups and equipment availability
  • Showcase your latest car rental deals
  • Connect to existing websites and receive reservations from them directly into your system


In the modern business environment it is essential for software systems to be interconnected to use and leverage each other’s capabilities to fulfill growing business needs. While the Carhire Manager Web SOAP and REST API interfaces allow for virtually any integration to be set up, it boasts a high number of existing ones.

Multiple Integrations

  • Car Rental Brokers – Auto Europe, Booking.com, Booking Group, BSP Autos, Carjet.com, Carnect, Car Target Group, Cartrawler, Ctrip, Discovercars.com, Doyouspain.com, Economy, Economy Car Rentals, Expedia, Rentalcars.com, Skyscanner, Travel Jigsaw, Titanium
  • Car Rental Franchises – Sixt International (Cobra), Budget International (Maestro), Global International (Karve)
  • Drivers License Processing Systems – 365id, Acuant
  • Vehicle Tracking Devices - Bofan PT502
  • Map Services – Google Maps
  • SMS Web Services - Clickatell
  • Government Systems - Tajeer by Transport General Authority of KSA


Optimize your customer relations by using the built-in customer relationship management tools. View customer history and statistics send out evaluation forms, create e-mail campaigns and make strategic, informed decisions for your car rental business.

Establish communication

  • Reach out to your customers through several communication channels, such as e-mail and SMS
  • Send out newsletters to inform customers of your latest deals
  • Create mailing lists based on specific search criteria

Embrace customer feedback

  • Send questionnaires and evaluation forms
  • Summarize evaluation results
  • Track client complaints and follow up on each incident
  • Generate statistical analysis of complaints
  • Use visualization tools to make your next marketing decision

Vehicle Tracking

Gain control of your fleet by utilizing the vehicle tracking infrastructure powered by the Google Maps API. Carhire Manager Web is currently integrated with Bofan PT502, however integrations with other tracking devices are possible if necessary. In addition, it is possible to integrate the system with other, third-party vehicle tracking platforms.

Monitor your fleet

  • Track your fleet’s vehicles online
  • View playbacks of the routes followed by your vehicles at any given time
  • Place any number of POIs (point of interest) such as hotels, airports, and train stations on the map

Receive notifications

  • Define a geo-fence and receive warning messages when a vehicle exits the specified area
  • Get notified when a vehicle exceeds a certain speed

Mobile Interface

Carhire Manager Web enables your employees to carry out the core functionality of the car rental system from the featured mobile interface. This is ideal for users working outside the office, such as airport parking areas and hotels.

Mobile Check-in

  • Check-in a returning vehicle by using QR codes or by entering the vehicle registration number
  • Input and review vehicle damages
  • Check-in vehicle equipment

Stay connected

  • View bookings and agreement details
  • Check client, agent, and vehicle information

Agent Portal

Supply your agents with their own, complete management tool. Enable them to receive live availability and insert reservations straight into your car rental system, procedures that would otherwise require lots of time-consuming communication between them and you and your company.

Empower your agents

  • Agent dashboard with informative charts
  • Insert new reservations
  • Overview of their reservations
  • Live group availability
  • Commission Overview

Accounting Interface

Carhire Manager Web provides a generic XML based accounting interface. Any accounting software package may call the supplied web service to extract all the relevant financial data needed.

Capture your financial information

  • Accounting systems may call the accounting web service at any time
  • Use the extracted data in the way it fits the accounting practice of your business
  • Consult the intuitive and thorough documentation of the interface for integrations

Security & Privacy

From fine-grained access controls, detailed logs, recorded histories, to encryption techniques and IP address filtering, your car rental system is private and secure. Furthermore, in accordance to new EU regulation, Carhire Manager Web is also GDPR compliant.

Access Controls

  • Each user has a unique identification number and password
  • Users can be grouped into user groups with specific user rights. However key-level access rights may also be granted to specific user


  • All the operations in the system are recorded. These records among other things include the user that performed the operation as well as the date and time it was carried out
  • The history of most items such as reservations, vehicles, cashbooks etc. is recorded and can be inspected


  • Sensitive data is encrypted using modern cryptographic techniques ensuring that your data remains safe
  • It is possible to put restrictions on access so that only requests from specific IP addresses may be serviced
  • Reinforce security by enabling the two-step authentication mechanism


  • The car rental system adheres to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which gives individuals control over their personal data


Our decades long experience in the space allows us to recognize that the car rental business is a highly complex business environment with many hidden intricacies and one that is constantly evolving. This is the reason why our mission was, is, and will continue to be producing the most complete, cost-effective, modern and intuitive car rental software system available in the market.